Wolff and Verstappen, checkered

Wolff and Verstappen, checkered

There are only seven races left in this Formula 1 season and, with Max Verstappen without any obstacle to win his second consecutive title, Lewis Hamilton burst onto the scene to star in one of the short stories in this final part of the campaign.

In his own way, the Englishman is also the protagonist, but this time not because he can rub shoulders with the Dutch driver. The problems suffered on his W13 during the first months of competition generated a climate of tension between the Briton and Toto Wolff, director of Mercedeswhich were about to explode in the worst way, but now the feelings of the silver car are very rewarding and the differences have gradually faded away.

That is why, without mincing words, his hamilton He dared to talk about his retirement, a possibility that was starting to take a lot of force this season due to this inability to fight for the title and, therefore, expand his legacy in Formula 1.

But no, unexpectedly, since Wolff and Verstappen thought the driver’s final farewell was dated for the end of next season, just as his contract with the German team ends, Lewis cleared that possibility in the way as brutal as possible. In words collected by the newspaper Express, Hamilton has hinted he could “probably” stay in F1 for around 100 races as he still feels “young and fresh”. The statement comes months after Toto Wolff first suggested he could hit 400 races in his premier class career.

And it is that the Englishman, already at 37, has put the barrier of his retirement at 40so there is a very important conclusion: his contract with Mercedes ends when he is 38, so at the end of the 2023 season he could play in a change of team for, if Toto Wolff doesn’t give you a competitive car, try to win the World Cup and say goodbye.

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