World F1 Online: standings, schedule, participants and remaining races

World F1 Online: standings, schedule, participants and remaining races

La Fórmula 1 es uno de los deportes más attractive y llamativos par la audiencia joven en Europa, sobre todo para los fanáticos de España que, con Carlos Sainz y Fernando Alonso à la cabeza, la esperanza nunca se pierde de volver à ver un mundial en home.

Indeed, there are many content creators who are also loyal F1 fans, including Ampeter, who managed a few months ago to materialize a project that succeeds every week: F1 World Cup online.

When there is an official race in real life, the following Monday, all the participants come together and compete for victory in a world championship with the same rules: pre-race classification, points, leaders team, tire changes and much more.

How is the F1 World Cup going online?

The World Cup is the most exciting and powerful time of the year, because there are only 8 races to play and there are 3 drivers fighting for the title: Rotren, Ander and Karchez with less than 50 points of distance between them.

Official online F1 World Championship schedule

remaining races

  • Netherlands – September 4
  • Italy – September 11
  • Singapore – October 2
  • Japan – October 9
  • United States – October 23
  • Mexico – October 30
  • Brazil – November 13
  • Abu Dhabi – November 20


  • TheGrefg – RedBull
  • Rotren – RedBull
  • Dj Mario-Mercedes
  • Selis13 – Mercedes
  • Peereira-Williams
  • Spursito-Williams
  • Guanyar – Alpha Tauri
  • Carlitus – Alpha Taurus
  • TheFocus – Alfa Romeo
  • Alkapone – Alfa Romeo
  • Zarcort-McLaren
  • Siro Lopez – McLaren
  • Jcorko – Alpine
  • Karchez-Alpine
  • Kronno Zomber-Aston Martin
  • Z Method – Aston Martin
  • Folagore-Ferrari
  • Vicenza – Ferrari
  • Carola Haas
  • Other – Hare
  • Supplements: pilots who enter to replace the others as was the case of Ricoy or ElMiilloR.

PILOTS classification


How to follow the F1 World Cup online?

To follow it, you can always see the flow by Ampeter, because it launches the race with industry references such as Algersuari or Ruben Martin. In addition, every runner strive your point of view on the race.

Next race – Belgium | August 29 at 9:00 p.m.

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