World Series: Justin Verlander and the Astros beat the Phillies in Game 5

World Series: Justin Verlander and the Astros beat the Phillies in Game 5

“Man, he’s really carried us for a while here through this postseason, and that’s especially tough for a young player, a young shortstop,” Baker said. “And I’m just glad we have him.”

With a 2-1 lead, Verlander allowed Harper to reach base for the third time in the fifth inning. Baker stayed with Verlander, who remained uninjured, and the Phillies again failed to capitalize on the scoring opportunity.

So with Verlander at 94 pitches, Baker turned the game on the Astros’ streak. Abreu delivered one and one-third innings of power, cutting through the heart of the Phillies’ order with 98 mph fastballs and vicious sliders.

“It’s so symbolic that so many people were a part of this win, and they rallied around me and were almost as happy that I won as I was,” Verlander said afterward, pointing to the bullpen’s work. “Just an amazing feeling.”

The Phillies injected life into Citizens Bank Park and drama into the game when Astros reliever Rafael Montero walked two batters in the eighth inning and coughed up a single off Segura. It was the first hit by the Phillies with a runner in scoring position since Game 1, who had gone 0-for-20 in those situations.

Baker called on Pressly, the Astros closer, to clean up the mess and secure five outs. He struck out Marsh and then got Schwarber to hit the ball down the first base line. That’s when Mancini — usually known more for his hitting, which has been a struggle this postseason — fielded the ball and reached for the bag with his feet.

And after Pressley pitched a scoreless ninth inning, courtesy of McCormick, the Astros celebrated and packed up. On Friday, they planned to fly home, where a title that could redefine this era was within reach.

Scott Miller contributed to the reporting.

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