XAVI EXPLAINED IT: Why don’t Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba play for FC Barcelona?

XAVI EXPLAINED IT: Why don’t Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba play for FC Barcelona?

After 3 games in the Spanish League, Gerard Pique still hasn’t made his official debut in the 2022/23 season. Jordi Alba, for his part, has only started in 1 of the 3 possible matches of FC Barcelona in Xavi Hernandezbeing relegated by young Alex Balde (18).

There is no injury or physical inconvenience. If they didn’t play it’s because The master believes that there are elements in better shape today.

This yes, the world champion assured that both had an exemplary behavior. Also, he warned that they are not relegated or discarded. They themselves can – and must – change their situation. Xavi knows that just as they contribute off the pitch (as leaders), they can be very important throughout the campaign.


“I try to be honest and clear with the players. I try to put the one in the best condition, or what I see. Maybe I could be wrong, but the one who decides now is me . And they’re going to play, they’re going to play, they’re going to be important. They’re the captains.”

“They are very good, they lead the dressing room. Today they cheered on their teammates before the game, which says a lot about them. With humility, they accept this situation, but they must change it. They can be very important for the team, very important. They are confirmed footballers who will play and participate.

Undefeated data. FC Barcelona started the 2022/23 League with 7 points out of 9. In their last 2 games they were able to score goals and achieve very good football gaps.

Did you know that…? FC Barcelona have gone 7 consecutive years without making the UEFA Champions League final. In this year’s edition, they hope to return to the European lead role.

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