“You get on the podium when you’re fast and slow”

“You get on the podium when you’re fast and slow”

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george russell he saved the Italian Grand Prix for Mercedes by taking third place at Monza. Those with the silver arrows were inferior to those Red Bull already the Ferrarisomething that had already been seen in qualifying, and after a few laps of the race the lack of pace in relation to the leaders reasserted itself.

The Briton starred in a consistent race, making no mistakes, aware that at least he aspired to be ahead of the F1-75 by a carlos sainz who was coming back from 18th position on the grid after having applied his penalty for changing engine components.

What happened to the safety car during the F1 race at Monza? :

He succeeded, the Race Direction ending the competition behind the safety car by badly managing the last laps where the McLaren of Daniel Ricciardo stopped in the two curves of Lesmo.

“I’m happy because, in the end, we managed to get on the podium both when we’re fast and when we’re slow,” said the Mercedes driver with a smile at the end of the race before climbing to receive his trophy. and, above all, the points that bring him closer to Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez in the battle for third place in the Drivers’ Championship.

“As a team, unfortunately this weekend we did not reach the level of performance that we expected, but if we look at the results of the last races, we achieved two podiums and a fourth place. We must be satisfied with what we have achieved.” voiced the Briton of the German team.

In the house of Mercedes, they have come to recognize the superiority of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, leaving little room for Russell’s comeback or attempted riposte: “We had to think of something different in terms of strategy if we wanted to fight Max and Charles, but unfortunately today they were much faster than us.”

“I’m still happy because we tried something alternative, but right now that’s what we have to do because of the position we’re in,” said the young Englishman.

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